Giving back

Update (May 7, 2020)

Wow! Firstly, it's been an overwhelming response to this blog post and people seeking to speak about their resume or their career. Layan and I are very humbled and honored that you believe in us and trust us to seek advice. We very much appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Secondly, with this, many people have reached out asking to help and contribute their time. I am excited to tell you about some new faces here to help.

(Note: please please be mindful of their schedules and respecting their space when asking for an intro or connection, would really appreciate it!)

Jeffrey Brown, Partner at Reveal Group

Jeff has a wealth of experience in consulting, from Director at McKinsey to various leadership and partner positions at various consulting firms. Jeff was one of the first to reach out and offer his time. We are absolutely honored to have him be a member of our small community.
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MayC Huang, Investor at CRV

MayC comes from a background in finance and investing. Having spent 7 years in investing across early and late stage investing at a hedge fund, and now at CRV, a well-known and reputable Silicon Valley VC, where she focuses her time investing in product-led B2B companies. Speak to MayC about breaking a career in finance, investing and more!
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Justin Levine, Co-Founder, CEO @TradeTapp, acquired by BuildingConnected & Autodesk

Civil engineer turned entrepreneur, Justin started a company, sold it to BuildingConnected which then sold to Autodesk. Pick his brain about the construction industry, starting a company, building a SaaS product, or working in large organizations such as Autodesk and more.
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Luba Yudasina, Product Manager @Airbnb

Opera singer turned software engineer turned product manager, Luba is one with many skills and loves to share her journey through them. Catch Luba on Life of Luba talking about career advice, breaking into tech and more
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Nicole Obst, Ex Growth & Monetization, Strategy & BizOps @Dropbox, Growth @Loom

Starting her career in consulting before breaking into tech, Nicole boasts a wealth of experience in growth, business strategy and ops. Having led growth teams at Dropbox and Loom, Nicole has strong insight when it comes to growing your company, your career, transitioning to tech and more.
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Layan, Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Mo, Senior Software Engineer at Airbnb

As before, we'd love to speak with you.
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We are VERY lucky to have all these incredible people offer their time. On a personal note, and as someone who works at Airbnb and had witness 25% of our team say goodbye, I can't imagine how difficult it is to worry about work, career, visa and family during these tough times. If you are affected, I am sorry. Just know, there are very kind people out there who want to help and who are willing to offer their time to see others succeed. This is only a small subset of the people out there looking to help but know that you are cared for and things will get much better.

Over the past few weeks, some friends and family members have reached out asking for help on their resumes in fear of losing their job or recently lost one.

If you'd like to review your resume together, do a mock interview or just chat, my wife and I would love to chat!

Below is my calendar page for anyone to schedule some time, whether to speak about your resume, job search or general advice.

My calendar, my LinkedIn
Layan's calendar, Layan's LinkedIn

Looking forward to chatting

-- Mo & Layan


What's the catch?
This is completely free; no hugs, cookies or high fives needed. This is us wanting to help out where we can.

I'd like to offer my time, how do I reach out?
If you'd like to open up your calendar and offer help too, please reach out to me at and career help".

Is there format?
Nope! The time is yours. Use it however you want. We can dig deep into your resume, we can chat about career, or how you're feeling. If you wish to speak about your resume, we'd recommend putting it on Google Docs and sharing it. That way, we can collaborate with edits and comments.

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